online education

Distance education or virtual education is one of the contemporary education methods used in Turkey, in which lessons are presented directly, through computer technologies via the Internet, in a completely virtual environment.

Distance education has become one of the components of the educational process imposed due to the Corona epidemic. Of course, this method was not previously used because of the usual pattern; But the new circumstances forced us to adapt to them, and our distance education plan was

  • Providing an integrated weekly program for all scientific, literary and artistic subjects, consisting of six daily classes, the duration of each class is (40) minutes, during which the student is given a break for (20) minutes after every two lessons.
  • These lessons are provided through the (ZOOM) program, and students are contacted about assignments, summaries, and support through Telegram channels and the (Google classroom) platform.
  • Distance education did not prevent us from carrying out many activities that extinguish an atmosphere of enthusiasm and commendable competition among students. Such as a public speaking competition, and expressive Arabic reading... which makes us go to the students' homes to deliver rewards to them while they are in quarantine; All this to achieve the integration of students in the educational process while they are in their homes.
  • Naturally, we follow the decisions of the Turkish Ministry of Education in attendance or remotely.