Primary stage

• The primary stage is the scientific and educational establishment stage for students; Where they deal with the principles of basic sciences in Arabic and English almost equally.
• This stage in the Lebanese educational system extends from the first grade to the sixth grade.
• The focus at this stage is mainly on the Arabic and English languages; In addition to the Turkish language as a sub-language, the rest of the subjects are also taught: mathematics, social experiences, Islamic education, the Holy Qur’an, computers, visual arts, and physical education.
• As for science, it is taught in our school in both Arabic and English, at a rate of four lessons per week. Two for each language.
• The subjects of Islamic history and geography are added in the fifth and sixth grades.
• At this educational stage in the student's life, he is provided with concepts about Islam and its moral values stemming from his great faith; Through Islamic education, the Holy Quran, and Islamic history.
• The student is introduced to the stages of Islamic history, starting from the Prophet's biography to the Ottoman Empire, during all stages of study, with a focus on the strengths in our history and the achievements of heroes and scholars.
• The educational process is accompanied by a group of activities that highlight students' talents and discover their scientific, artistic and kinetic tendencies through the school's weekly skills club.

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