Sena International Schools

Towards a new awareness...
more effective education; because it is deeper.

an introduction:
The name of our school is “Sena”, which is the bright light of lightning. whose brilliance almost catches the eye with its brilliance and brilliance; We derive from it the light through which we can see the guidance to complete righteousness in all our actions, God willing.

Towards a new awareness:
towards a new consciousness; It is a slogan that accompanies the name of our school, from which we draw inspiration from the distinguished performance, and through which we seek to reach - with our children - the deep knowledge that leads to absolute truths, away from husks and show-offs... Therefore:

We invest - in our school - all educational and educational activities to reach with our children three goals:

  • The transition from the stage of education to self-learning; By enabling the generation of sources of knowledge and research methods.
  • The general commitment derived from the teachings of moderate Islam, in the field of morals and rulings; Through research on Islamic education, the Holy Qur’an, and Islamic history.
  • whether and psychological and physical balance; Through counseling lessons, general activities, and a talent club.

school environment

In our school, a safe educational environment, in which the younger generation learns the virtues of morals and honorable habits, and provides it with research tools to obtain renewable knowledge. To live the future with insight and the ability to make sound decisions for himself and his society.

Our school educational environment contains the requirements that make our work distinguished and pioneering:

  • A green school yard with an area of ​​(2000 square meters) equipped with wooden umbrellas in which students spend their breaks and activities.
  • Winter football and basketball courts.
  • Classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with smart screens.
  • Educational laboratories for general science subjects and scientific experiments.
  • Male and female mosques for noon and Friday prayers.
  • Classrooms for computers, drawing and handicrafts.
  • A school library containing scientific references and meaningful stories in various languages

Support and enrichment

We support our educational curricula with cultural supplements that help students preserve their authentic identity, help them integrate into the Turkish society in which they reside, and qualify them scientifically for the level of university education:
Supporting the English language curricula with a series of (Mac Graw Hill) American for all grades.
Additional remedial lessons in Arabic and English.
Addition of Islamic history, Islamic education, and the Holy Quran.
Preparing students to take the University Admission Test (SAT).
Library and general culture: to get acquainted with topics and books that raise awareness and enrich knowledge.
The weekly Skills and Talents Club, which our students knew in the past year, and where they spent their most enjoyable time; Through it, we aim to add new skills that increase our children's life experiences and help them overcome difficulties.
In this club, we present new skills for this year that are suitable for both boys and girls….

Credits and licenses

Sena International Schools is officially accredited by the Turkish and Lebanese governments, and grants students certificates recognized all over the world.
In our teaching, we adopt the official Lebanese curriculum - which is ranked third in the Arab world - because it is bilingual. Scientific subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and English) are in English.
Literary subjects (Arabic language, history, geography, and Islamic education) in Arabic for all academic levels.