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A glimpse of Sena International Schools

Sena International Schools Towards a new consciousness... . .

more effective education; because it is deeper.

Sana International Schools is officially accredited by the Turkish and Lebanese governments, and grants students certificates recognized all over the world.

In our teaching, we adopt the official Lebanese curriculum - which is ranked third in the Arab world - because it is bilingual. Scientific subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and English) are in English.

Literary subjects (Arabic language, history, geography, and Islamic education) in Arabic for all academic levels.

Join more than 2000+ Students receiving the best education

Educational Levels


Sana Model Schools are distinguished by focusing on the various activities of their buds, which develop their skills and use their senses in a balanced and correct way.

Primary stage

The primary stage is the scientific and educational establishment stage for students. Where they deal with the principles of basic sciences in Arabic and English almost equally.

Middle School

The preparatory stage is the stage of learning about science in general, and it is characterized by the urgent need for students to take care of them from a psychological point of view, and the need to provide them with many moral and social concepts.

High school

The secondary stage is the stage of diving into the details of science, deepening it, and deciding on options for university majors. This stage extends from the tenth to the twelfth grade

Our educational thought

We are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience with the latest teaching aids that are in line with technology and modernity for all students.

2312, 2020

Virtual Reality (2)

With the media controlling everything that is heard or seen; Reality became in danger, and I became the truth
Threatened by the media that do the work of the eye, we can say that
الواقع بدأ ينهار بالفعل ؛ لأن أفراد المجتمع أصبحوا يبنون تصوراتهم من خلال

2312, 2020

Virtual Reality - 1

Our children live with us in this reality, learn from it, and acquire customs and traditions from it
it contains the good and the ugly; Models of people are drawn in their imaginations. believers and unbelievers,
Pictures of correct and corrupt financial or social interactions, and types of legitimate social relations
االجتماعية المشروعة وغير المشروعة،

2312, 2020

Shortening the parenting process in five words

  • Building convictions: such as belief and ambitions.
  • Directing interests: as an investment of leisure time.
  • Developing skills: mathematical, scientific..
  • Understanding the Rules of Relationships: Who to Befriend, Who to Avoid…
  • اختيار القدوات : وهم املُثُل العليا الذين نطمح أن نكون مثلهم


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